iShield® Plus is a monitoring solution that provides protection against illegal and inappropriate material regardless of whether it is accessed online or computer based. With iShield® Plus, you can prevent your children and other family members from accidentally or deliberately seeing materials such as pornography, gambling, drugs and other explicit content.

iShield® Plus gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor and restrict access to websites by material type.
  • Detect and block the display of pornographic content within images, videos, video streams and DVDs.
  • Restrict who users can chat to, and monitor chat conversations for grooming and other undesirable behavior.
  • Restrict user Internet surfing and game playing to certain times of the week.
  • Safeguard personal information against unknown online entities.
  • Scan your computer for inappropriate material that is already residing there.

iShield® Plus is designed for ease-of-use and can be set up for every individual member of the family with minimal fuss. Incident summary reports are emailed for ease of monitoring, with detailed incident reports including screenshots are available on the computer being protected.

Problems Addressed

  • Grooming
  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Hacking
  • Abuse
  • Gaming
  • Cyber bullying
  • Racism
  • Drugs
  • Propaganda
  • Sucidal references
  • Negative influences

The internet is a fantastic resource for both children and adults alike. The wealth of educational materials, games and information sites can really help a child in their development. Unfortunately it can also be a place in where children and adults come across inappropriate and undesirable images and chat, just as they do in everyday life.

Ask yourself, "Do you really know what your family is seeing on the internet?"

Comprehensive Pornography Detection
iShield® Plus monitors your PC for pornography, from all sources such as Internet, USB drives, CDs, DVDs and downloaded files. Its innovative image processing neural network based engine extracts information relating to skin tone, texture, edges, limbs, and faces from the image to decide if the image, video or video stream is potentially pornographic.
Communication Monitoring
iShield® Plus provides notification of potential grooming or bullying by monitoring user input as well as chat contents, Instant Messaging communications and MS Office files. iShield® Plus comes with a sizable database of phrases that are indicative of potentially harmful activities. You can add your own phrases to this database and so customize the protection.
Safe and Productive Internet and Application Usage
iShield® Plus allows you to restrict user access to different webpages, games and applications to certain times of the week using an easy to configure schedule. This allows you to ensure that the PC is being used productively.
Disk Drive Scanning
iShield® Plus's scan drive feature analyzes all files in your PC and provides you with a report of any potentially pornographic images or videos that are present. All suspect files can be deleted with a single mouse click, thereby ensuring that your PC is free of inappropriate material.
Incident Reports
iShield® Plus keeps detailed records of each incident detected on your computer. iShield® Plus presents these records in an easy to use Incident Viewer. iShield® Plus can be configured to send emails as soon as critical incidents occur, as well as summary emails, allowing you to monitor your PC even when you are away from home.
Personal Information Protection
iShield® Plus protects personal information from being stolen by malicious software or being inappropriately distributed by users by monitoring both Internet data transfer and user input.
iShield® Plus takes a unique approach to identifying potentially offensive Internet images and preventing them from being displayed while you surf the Internet. iShield® Plus uses a few processes to protect you before any image is displayed on your PC.
Advanced Image Analysis
iShield® Plus captures the active window at regular intervals and extracts the images and text to analyze. Digital image processing determines if an image is potentially pornographic. Our innovative technology analyzes images with Skin Tone Detection, Texture Detection, Edge Detection, Mass Detection, Limb Detection, Face Detection.
Decision Process
Neural network technology uses the results of the image analysis and the text on the screen to decide if an image is offensive.
Image Blocking
iShield® Plus records suspected images and triggers your selected action, to warn or stop user from viewing pornography.
Text Analysis
iShield® Plus’s text analysis process uses a classifier that was developed using the Bayesian Network algorithm and implemented in iShield® Plus as a method of recognising words/phrases considered in the context of other words/phrases. This analysing technique is more accurate compared to the common simplistic keyword approach implemented in most filters and it supports Arabic, Thai, Russian, French and German.
Webpage Analysis
iShield® Plus scans the metadata and examines text in the Title, Keywords and Description field of a webpage header. It checks the website’s internet rating labels from reputable content rating body such as RSACi, SafeSurf and PICS amongst others and does an analysis of text, images, links and structure of any visited websites.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What operating systems are supported by iShieldŽ Plus?
    iShieldŽ Plus supports the following operating systems without any limit whether is 32 or 64 bit :
    • Windows XP,
    • Windows Vista,
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10

  2. What browsers are supported by iShieldŽ Plus?
    Most of the popular browsers are supported

  3. Which Instant Messengers are monitored in iShieldŽ Plus?
    iShieldŽ Plus supports the following messengers:
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • AOL Messenger
    • Google Hangouts
    • ICQ
    • Skype

  4. I've tried to log in to iShieldŽ Plus using my Unifi password but it doesn't work.
    iShieldŽ Plus does not use Unifi password. Password in iShieldŽ Plus is created separately when you install the product.

  5. I've successfully downloaded iShieldŽ Plus installer and saved in my PC, but when I run the installer it says "You have already used the serial key to subscribe iShieldŽ Plus on different PC. Please uninstall the previous instance of iShieldŽ Plus or contact your vendor for additional license".
    If you have used up FREE iShieldŽ Plus license in some other computer. In case you want to buy additional iShieldŽ Plus license, please contact TM Contact Centre

  6. When I try to download iShieldŽ Plus installer from directly, it says "ERROR: Serial key or email address is not valid".
    In case you receive this error message while downloading iShieldŽ Plus, please verify that you have entered the correct personal email address which you used to subscribe to Unifi service in the appropriate field and try again

  7. When I try to log in to iShieldŽ Plus, error message appears saying "Your iShieldŽ Plus Subscription has been Suspended/Terminated".
    In case your iShieldŽ Plus is Suspended or Terminated, please contact TM Contact Centre to activate your version of iShieldŽ Plus.

  8. Can I turn off iShieldŽ Plus?
    You can turn off iShieldŽ Plus by switching OFF Protection under user setting to disable monitoring for specified user/users in the PC. Alternatively, if you only want to turn off the screen monitoring or the web-browsing, log in to iShieldŽ Plus Control Panel and click the appropriate option in the particular user's settings under Screen and Video Monitoring or Web Protection to switch it 'off'.

  9. Can I install iShieldŽ Plus on more than one computer?
    Unifi subscribers will receive FREE copies of iShieldŽ plus licenses.
    Please, refer to the table below to see the number of FREE license available under your Unifi package:
    Unifi Package No. of iShieldŽ Plus license
    VIP 5, VIP 10, VIP 20, BIZ 5 1 license
    BIZ 10 2 licenses
    BIZ 20 3 license

    Further to above, to install iShieldŽ Plus in additional PCs you need to subscribe for additional license by either calling TM Contact Centre @ 100 or by visiting selected TMPoint

  10. Will you provide periodic updates?
    The iShieldŽ Plus Product Update Manager offers you options for getting periodic software updates. The iShieldŽ Plus Product Update Manager is free and comes installed with iShieldŽ Plus.

  11. Can iShieldŽ Plus save different settings for different users, such as small children, older children, or parents?
    iShieldŽ Plus allows you to configure and save profile settings with different type users in mind. To setup profiles for different users log in to iShieldŽ Plus control panel and click on Profile Management button.

  12. Will iShieldŽ Plus filter search-engine searches; e.g., sex on Google?
    Yes, iShieldŽ Plus filters all the content rendered by a web browser and can limit user searches by activating Safe Search in most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and YouTube.

  13. How about or other email providers? How can I stop email?
    iShieldŽ Plus blocks any pornographic content displayed within Web based emails.

  14. What if I forget my password?
      Using iShieldŽ Plus control panel
    • In iShieldŽ Plus login screen, the link will be displayed after 3 wrong attempt.
    • Forgot password button will be enabled
    • Click on the "Forgot Password" Password will be sent to your registered email

  15. What if some pictures, deemed to be acceptable, are blocked by iShieldŽ Plus?
    If this occurs regularly with a particular website that you know to be acceptable, you can add that Web site address to the White List. If this occurs periodically across a number of websites or images, you can try decreasing the image safety criteria by moving the slider to a lower setting; e.g., from High to Medium

  16. What if some pictures, deemed to be unacceptable, are not blocked by iShieldŽ Plus?
    If this occurs regularly with a particular site, add that Web site address to the Block List. . If this occurs periodically across a number of sites, you can try increasing the Web Protection Level of Porn category by moving the slider to a higher setting; e.g., from Medium to High.

  17. How often should I check the iShieldŽ Plus Reports?
    It is recommended that you check the Reports once a week to monitor iShieldŽ Plus activity. As supported alert mode for screen and videos are Silent and Warn, your only method for finding out whether users have been viewing pornographic images is to regularly check the Report Log for triggers. Further, you will receive email notification periodically whenever iShieldŽ Plus detects any wrong doings.

  18. Why notification email is not sent every time when iShieldŽ Plus detects any inappropriate content?
    iShieldŽ Plus sends email notification based on Email interval settled in Email notification under family settings, when inappropriate contents are reported in control panel. This is done to minimise the possibility of receiving too many emails in your inbox.

  19. Why am I not receiving notification email in my inbox?
    Email clients often detect and categorises any email coming from unknown email address as a junk or spam email and therefore the email is sent to your junk or spam folder instead of your inbox. To allow emails to be sent to the inbox instead of the junk or spam folder, you can add the email address to the safe list to receive email without any problem.

  20. In the Web incident report there are Web sites which their Violation description is empty
    Some websites are predefined as are inappropriate and so are being detected. If you do not wish those Web sites to get detected, then uncheck the relevant category in the "Advance Web Page Protection Setting".

  21. Can I view / edit the entries on the predefined URL category lists?
    The predefined URL lists are not publically available. If you believe a URL is wrongly categorised then please add the website as allowed list in iShieldŽ plus control panel.

  22. What if some of iShieldŽ components are picked up by firewall or antivirus software?
    When some of the components are picked up by firewall or any other antivirus software, you need to add the component in firewall or antivirus software's exception/allowed list

  23. I am unable to browse internet after installing iShieldŽ Plus
    If you are not able to access internet using iShieldŽ Plus, please contact TM Contact Centre to check the internet connection.

  24. How to check if my PC hangs because of iShieldŽ Plus?
    If your PC hangs after installing iShieldŽ Plus and if you think iShieldŽ Plus is the cause of the issue, please check the memory usage and CPU usage for the following:
    • GaurdwareProxy.exe
    • GWWatcher.exe

    If the processes are high, please contact Else, please restart the computer.

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